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Elle Oh Photo images frozen flowers, nature photos, and ice photos are printed on metal. Frozen flowers, bubbles, frozen bubbles, nature photography, hummingbird, fawn, deer, flower photography.


My photography is a study in blending the elements of light, shadow, ice, water and air with the natural colors of flowers into a unique and colorful piece of art.  Each image is a product of how natural elements are interacting at a precise moment in time, so each piece is one-of-a-kind and could not possibly be duplicated even under the same circumstances. The elements are constantly shifting and changing, producing ephemeral images that reflect a small part of the world's natural beauty around us.

The photographs you see are almost exactly what I see through the camera's viewfinder (i.e. not "created" in a computer). I create these images in my studio, using ice I have formed, and using flowers from my own garden and from a local flower farm near my home in North Idaho.  I select any flowers particularly for their interesting shapes and colors, then arrange them with ice and water, primarily using natural lighting. I enjoy capturing the fascinating interplay between their organic shapes and colors with the ice, water, air, and light.

I hope you find them fascinating too. Thank you for looking!